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Twite at Flamborough © Richard Baines

Flamborough Foot-it Part 6: The Final Walk

  • Mon 10th Nov, 2014

This project has been a great success, not only in raising funds for bird conservation but also in finding out how many species can be seen over two months on foot in this great place for birding.

Eastern Crowned Warbler at Brotton © Dave Bywater

October 2014 Bird Sightings Round-up

  • Wed 5th Nov, 2014

Mega rares, incredible falls, scarcities liberally scattered and magical birding throughout – just another typical October on the Yorkshire coast, then, writes YCN's Mark James Pearson.

Birding Discovery Day: Rough Legged Buzzard Steals the Show!

Birding Discovery Day: Rough Legged Buzzard Steals The Show!

  • Mon 3rd Nov, 2014

Our Birding Discovery Day tours have been fantastically successful recently, with Pallas’s and Yellow-browed Warblers on the October tour. Arctic birds formed the theme of our 1st November tour, with great views of all!

Common Lizard plain morph - Dan Lombard ©

Species In The Spotlight: Common Lizard - The Monomorphic Polymorph.

  • Tue 28th Oct, 2014

Common Lizards are found in a real variety of colours. Males are usually spotty and females striped. Rarely, a type which has no body markings or significant colour occurs and is known as a plain morph.

Roseate Tern Nestbox Update. An Adventurous Chick!

Roseate Tern Nestbox Update. An Adventurous Chick!

  • Wed 22nd Oct, 2014

The YCN Roseate Tern nest-box produced an adventurous chick. Unwilling to stay at in its own box, it was usually to be found amid nearby plants or in another nest-box!