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Flamborough Bird Observatory

Flamborough Bird Observatory (FBO), formed in 2002, is an organisation run by volunteers committed to birds and bird conservation. An important aspect of migration study is the ringing of birds. Ringing is carried out on the Head throughout the year under the control of the East Yorkshire Ringing Group, licensed by The British Trust for Ornithology. 

FBO's three aims are: maintaining and retaining records for the analysis of bird
migration to meet the requirements of the Bird Observatories Council; preserving
and enhancing the environment of Flamborough Head within the designated boundaries
of the Observatory; and advancing the education of the public in the appreciation
and protection of the environment, especially the avifauna.

Bird watchers who visit Flamborough can contribute to the recording of birds by supplying their records to FBO's Recorder via the Secretary. All observations within the Observatory
recording area are appreciated, and help towards the monitoring of bird movement and breeding birds.

YCN and Wold Ecology Ltd support the work of FBO by donating small annual grants to fund Bird Observatory conservation projects. In 2011 and 2012 we jointly funded a new bird hide at Thornwick and Sea Farm Holiday Centre Country Park and wetland restoration
projects at North Cliff Marsh on Head Farm.