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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Yorkshire Coast Nature are corporate members of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the fastest growing of the UK’s 47 wildlife trusts, which collectively have over 800,000 members.  Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has 95 reserves over the vast area of North, South, East and West Yorkshire, and over 33,000 members.

The Trust has been leading the Nature Tourism project in eastern Yorkshire since 2010.  With our partners RSPB, Yorkshire Water, East Riding of Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Ryedale Councils and LEADER, we know that interest in nature can contribute economic benefits, improving the prospects for both wildlife and the local economy.  If more people understand the pressures - and the recent successes – of wildlife conservation, the UK’s biodiversity can be made more secure for our children and grandchildren. 

The Trust works to protect and save threatened species, such as otter and water vole, while inspiring people, helping people of all ages understand and enjoy their natural environment, and encouraging communities to protect wildlife in their local area.  Advising landowners on how to manage their land for wildlife, from large companies and local authorities to farmers and individuals, is a large part of the Trust’s work, as is influencing planning decisions and campaigning for better protection for wildlife.  The Trust is the only conservation organisation working exclusively in Yorkshire.

For an all-round introduction to Yorkshire’s wildlife, the website is a great place to start.